Pre-paid Service Plans from Richard Lawson Autoecosse Mitsubishi, helping you manage your service costs

Service plans offer you an easy and convenient way to budget for your vehicle servicing costs for the next one to four years.


  1. Fixed Prices
  2. Monthly Payments by direct debit help you spread the cost
  3. Guaranteed against inflation
  4. Benefit from discounted parts and labour rates against RRP.
  5. Transferable to any new car (Not available with MSP)
  6. Refundable if not used (Not available with MSP)
  7. Available on all makes and models

What's Included?

The plan allows for the cost of:
  1. Scheduled servicing
  2. Covering parts
  3. Labour

How does it work?

If you are buying a used vehicle from us the service plan works as follows:

1.You tell us the make and model of your vehicle, current mileage and typical annual mileage

2.Choose a payment period that suits your circumstances

3.We enter this information into our service system and can let you know the monthly payment

4.Set up the direct debit mandate

5.A monthly direct debit spreads your servicing costs over the course of a year.

We can set up your plan on the spot, so you'll be able to start enjoying the peace of mind associated with a budgeted service plan.

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