Is The L200 The Ideal Car For Cycling? ​

Cycling remains a huge deal here in the UK. According to government statistics, 2.4 million people cycled at least once a week during 2018, which means that people are heading out on two wheels more than ever.

However, this frequency does mean that the need to transport a bicycle is greater too. In truth, bikes can be a real pain to move around; they’re relatively long, somewhat cumbersome and – even when well maintained — a little oily, too. So, we’ve taken a look at the L200 to see how it works as a car for cyclists.

The L200 is considered a practical mode of transport that is available in today's society. On the one hand, the huge load bays they offer mean that they’re great for lugging larger items, yet on the other, if that loading area lacks a cover then you’re either going to have to pack the cabin full of goods or leave them open to the elements. HOWEVER, here at Richard Lawson Mitsubishi, we can fix this problem. We offer all our customers the opportunity to have a canopy and roll top fitted to their Mitsubishi L200. This ensures that all your belongings, are kept secure and dry within the loading area/ tub.

With the addition of a pick-up pad, the L200 becomes one of the very best bike transportation vehicles around. Simply attach the pad, lift the bike up and into the load bed – leaving the front fork overhanging the bed door and you’re away.