West Coast Customs Builds Outlander PHEV with a difference…

This year Mitsubishi celebrates its 100 year anniversary. And in the USA Mitsubishi Motors are celebrating it with a very special project- they are re-creating their very first automobile – the 1917 Model A, as a plug-in.

Model A? Yes that’s right. The Mitsubishi Model A (Formerly the Ford Model A) was the first passenger vehicle to have the three diamond emblem we all know and recognise on it.Only 22 vehicles were built but this production run marked the start of what has become a global automotive manufacturing company now with 100 years history.

None of the original model A’s are known to exist so the project involves a Ford Model T being converted into a model A, the body of which in turn is going to be grafted onto the chassis of a current model Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi has invited West Coast Customs (the one from the MTV series) to build this vehicle for them. The plan is to build it to look original but for it to be powered by a plug in powertrain of the Outlander PHEV.

West Coast Customs CEO and Founder, Ryan Friedlinghaus said:

“We are incredibly honoured to have been chosen to take on this iconic build for Mitsubishi that celebrates the centennial anniversary of the company’s first mass produced vehicle. It is an incredibly exciting opportunity to be able to integrate the history of the original Mitsubishi Model A with the technology of current-day Mitsubishi vehicles to recreate the Mitsubishi Model A. Team members in every department of West Coast Customs are super excited to be involved with this build – truly a piece of automotive history.”

The build of the car will feature on West Coast Customs TV series.When we find out more we’ll provide updates on this story.