Richard Lawson Autoecosse Mitsubishi Hands Over Custom SVP

Some dealers would be happy just to hand over a rare vehicle such as the L200 Barbarian SVP. Not at Richard Lawson Autoecosse Mitsubishi. We had to take it a step further and our fantastic Service and Parts department decided to take the already heavily customized SVP and take it to the next level.

The Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian SVP edition is a very special vehicle. Based on a Top Gear Magazine project this stunning L200 was created to mirror the cosmetic and structural differences needed to take the U.K’s best performing pick-up truck out of its comfort zone and into the harsh conditions of the desert. We already covered this incredible pick-up when it launched and that article can be viewed here:


For our first handover of an SVP we wanted to do something different and take the ultra-rare L200 (of which there are only 250 in the UK) and make it even more special. Our fantastic one man parts department Grant utilised Mitsubishi’s fantastic parts ordering systems to acquire a liner, window deflectors, a roll top and a tow bar to attach to the already heavily customised car. These arrived the next morning and it was on to the build.

Under the hood of this awesome L200

Our Service department had a job on their hands fitting the liner. Inside the bed of the L200 SVP is a row of lights tucked up under the edges which illuminate the metallic bed when the rear tailgate is opened. In order for us to fit the liner we had to remove these lights, remove the brackets, cut into the liner and then re-bracket and rewire the lights. A further bit of cutting and careful positioning allowed us to fit the rolltop onto the bed as well. All of this while maintaining the custom SVP lighting inside the bed.