The Land Rover Defender is an ICON within British motoring history. We are proud to offer this particular vehicle which has received a series of quality modifications and upgrades which significantly improve the look, feel and driving experience associated with this vehicle.

​Whilst from a rational perspective a Land Rover Defender could be seen as being outdated in design and agricultural to drive they possess an iconic look and style and they possess immense character that more modern 4x4’s struggle to emulate. This specific vehicle with the modifications that is has received massively improve both character and driving experience which is why we’ve been driving this car ourselves since it came into us and in total we’ve done over 5,000 thoroughly enjoyable miles in it.

The vehicle started out as a very clean 2004 TD5 110 Defender in black which in our opinion is one of the best colours for these vehicles.

The modifications mechanical modifications to this car include lowered and upgraded suspension, 18 inch ‘Twisted’ alloy wheels with road tyres and a chipped Td5 engine. The engine now ‘pulls’ far stronger than a standard vehicle the lowered and stiffened suspension and wider tyres offer significantly improve handling and driving experience. It would be wrong to say that the vehicle is now ‘fast’ but it is more than capable of keeping up and overtaking apparently far more modern machinery.

The interior has seen significant upgrades too. Diamond stitch high back sports seats are complimented by matching upholstery in the rear. The car has also had rear bench seats fitted in the back which makes the car into a 9 seater. The rear bench seats have vinyl trim so that a wet and muddy job can jump in the back without being precious about the upholstery.A Bluetooth stereo is almost powerful enough to overcome road and wind noise. Finally a MOMO sports steering wheel has been added- whilst arguably out of character with the vehicle we think it’s the best modification of all as it creates additional room around the driver’s seat are and it also makes the driving experience far more sporty- sporty being a relative term when we’re talking about Land Rovers.

Since Land Rover Defenders went out of production in 2016, prices have been steadily on the increase. So we think that having your money in this car could be better than money in the bank!

In short we love this car. We think you may love it too!

The modifications to this car have inspired us to build a modified Defender ourselves and we’re currently in the process of modifying a 2010 model year car. Check back for an update on this vehicle soon.