Morris Minor – XNP 303G Restoration Project​


This 1969 Morris Minor was bought by its current owners as an abandoned project in 2012. The “Minor” entered our workshops and was checked over for an “MOT” and all other mechanical aspects. It was found to be in very good repair with a substantial amount of work having been done to the suspension and brakes.

The vehicle went to our “Strip” section of the body shop where all bumpers, lights, trims, interior trim, engine compartment parts and other relevant parts were removed in order to carry out the bodywork repairs.

Following this, the “Minor” was put to our “Panel-beating” section of the workshop. We removed its front wings, bonnet, doors and boot lid to enable us to fit new sills, rear panel, lower ¼ panels and wings. We repaired the ¼ panel upper sections, engine compartment, floor sections and parts of the chassis.

During the “Paint Preparation” stage, the body and parts were stripped to metal as the original paint was just not good enough to paint over. It was then painted with 2 coats of primer, the body parts were offered up to fit and the wings, doors, bonnet and boot were all adjusted to fit as the years had taken their toll on the fit of these parts. We removed the parts prior to the final colour coating.

The body and parts were put into preparation for the colour top coat. The vehcile was then re-masked and in one of our paint booths, the “Minor” received 3 coats of “Bermuda” blue and the wheels were done in silver.  All masking was removed and it was then polished, under-sealed in readiness to be rebuilt.

The final stages - In our “Refit” section, the Minor was then rebuilt using all salvageable parts and the new parts. Then is it was on the the interior, new carpets, interior trims and seats were fitted to the Minor and then finally the it was road tested and a valet done before the MOT carried out.

Strip and panel work done by Ian Rae
Preparation for Painting done by John Whyte
Painting done by Mark Turnbull
Refit done by Ian Rae