2017 Mitsubishi Shogun SG5 Review

Years ago the Mitsubishi was the vehicle of choice for anyone transporting horses and horse boxes to showgrounds, county fairs and all sort of agricultural events within Scotland. A rugged, intimidating beast of a 4x4 the Shogun would always ensure peak performance regardless of terrain whilst never sacrificing the interior comfort.

The new 2017 Shogun SG5 still looks and plays the part it did all those years ago. Bold and gargantuan against the competition the Shogun SG5 may be a little square but the overall build and appearance of the car is a vision of dependability and power.

​The SG5 sits on 20 inch alloy wheels and features an electric sunroof. Both front and rear seats are heated and legroom is plentiful inside the long wheelbase model. Of course this featured the extra two rear seats in case you want to make it into a seven-seater. Also the rear features its own USB ports and a separate air con which really makes a difference in a car of this size.

Up front the car features a fantastic touchscreen system with a wide variety of features. The screen is a good size considering the trend these days of massive screens being mounted in the centre of the dashboard

Below that we see the automatic gearshift, which can be switched to manual if preferred, and next to that on its own shift is Mitsubishi’s signature Super Select 4WD system. It is here where the Shogun really comes into its own.

This car is a genuine off roader and features four different responses depending on the toughness of terrain that you want to tackle. These settings will allow you to get up, down or through just about any obstacle facing the Shogun. We should know, we used the Short Wheel Base model to run our 4x4 course earlier this years at the Blair Atholl International Horse trials and it made short work of the course.

Ride height is high in the Shogun, the visibility is fantastic and the car is no longer the big industrial unit it once looked and sounded like. This 2017 model is far more refined than days of old. The ride is much quieter and smoother and the automatic drive is slick and responsive. On the road the Shogun fills up the lane and powers ahead when you put your foot down.

For some a worry can be parking such a massive car in tight city environments. This is another area in which the Shogun SG5 excels. The rear view camera and wide array of sensors makes the Shogun much more manoeuvrable than expected and the car doesn’t drive like a big car. Tight, responsive steering makes this car a dream to drive and park.

The Mitsubishi Shogun SG5 is an excellent big workhorse that has been developed over the years to provide a fantastic level of comfort. A fantastic alternative to some of the better known and pricier brands on the market, the Shogun offers the highest levels of performance and quality within the Mitsubishi brand.

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