Caring For Your Car

Here at Richard Lawson Autoecosse Mitsubishi, we understand the importance of looking after your car at all times... especially while it is not being used for extended periods of time. We have outlined a few of our helpful tips that will keep your car in top condition all year round.

Stop your battery from going flat
When your car is sitting idle, your battery will lose charge. Meaning, that when the time comes for you to jump back into your car, it will not just start and go straight away. You can overcome this by starting your vehicle once a week and letting it run for roughly 20 minutes. This will allow your car battery to maintain charge during the time where it is not being driven.

Protect your tyres
It is important to check your tyre pressure before driving your car. If your car is left sitting idle, a common problem is the damage it can cause to the tyres. Your tyres may deflate or develop flat spots and even crack. A way to overcome this common problem is to re-park your car every few days, so that your tyres can rotate.

Prevent your brakes from sticking
A car's brakes can seize up if they remain on for too long. We have found that the handbrake is especially prone to this. The problem can be avoided by moving your car regularly. While you have the engine running, gently pump the brake pedal a few times to keep the brake pads free from the wheels.

Protect your exterior
If you have a car cover, we advise using this. However, if you don't, we suggest trying to park your car in a covered area to protect it from the weather conditions... especially the four seasons we seem to have in one day here in Scotland. It is important to keep your car washed and clean to protect your exterior paintwork from the elements.

Protect your interior
Now, more than ever, it is important to clean the interior of your car on a regular basis to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria - like Coronavirus. We suggest cleaning all touch points on a regular basis, including but limited to: Steering Wheel, Seats, Door Handles, Entertainment Systems, Handbrake, Gear Stick etc. It is important to use an antibacterial cleaner that is non-abrasive and will not damage your upholstery.