PHEV Towing a Caravan

This may seem like an odd question for some, but it’s one we are asked often. With over 40,000 new Mitsubishi Outlander PHEVs registered in the UK since its launch in 2015 there still seems to be a myth that you can’t tow with a PHEV. Well, you can, and probably more than you think!

The Outlander PHEV has a maximum braked towing capacity of 1,500kg meaning it will happily tow a large caravan laden with everything you need for that much-needed break. You should, however, always ensure that you are aware of the laws and regulations with regards to towing in the UK. Always be aware of your weights! Not just that of your caravan, but also the weight you are putting into the caravan, and indeed the vehicle, ensuring this is done safely and legally. Our towing guide explains all.

Hitching a caravan has never been easier with the Outlander PHEV’s reversing camera. On the 4h model and above you even get a 360° camera, making it even easier! As the Mitsubishi Outlander was designed to be a PHEV from the outset, the batteries are spaced out along the floor providing an even weight distribution whilst towing and a low centre of gravity. This layout also allows you to make the most of the cavernous 463 litres boot capacity– take it from me, with some Tetris like packing, the amount of stuff you can get in the boot is staggering!

Not forgetting of course, that the Outlander PHEV is at heart, a true 4WD SUV with a ground clearance of 190mm and a wading depth of 400mm. Now, you may not go off-road with a caravan hitched to the back, but it’s always handy for getting across those slippery waterlogged caravan pitches and fields that we get in a standard UK summer!

If you’re thinking about towing with the Outlander PHEV we have plenty of accessories available! A variety of towbars including fixed and detachable types are available along with a choice of electric kits to suit you! If you are unsure what you need, let your local dealer know and they will be able to advise you further. We also have a range of roof accessories such as bike carriers to help you with your outdoor adventures.

Check out our short video, where we teamed up with extreme sportsman and caravan enthusiast Neil Greentree who shows just how capable the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can be at towing. We hope you find this helpful. Myth busted!