Designed to perfectly complement every aspect of your life, from the everyday commute to the weekend adventure.

Powerful, stylish and safe, this is the new generation Outlander

SUV Practicality

With its spacious and flexible interior, the Outlander can adapt to however you want to use it, whether the priority is passengers, luggage or long loads, the Outlander has your back.

The Outlander is a five or seven seat family SUV with great style and spec to match. Available as the award-winning plug-in hybrid or efficient petrol, the Outlander can be whatever you want it to be.

4WD Capability

Explore the world your own way with the Outlander’s AWC (All Wheel Control) 4WD system that seamlessly switches between modes to match the driving conditions.

4WD Eco

Prioritising fuel-efficiency in normal driving conditions by dynamically assigning torque to each wheel.

4WD Auto

Control the power distribution to all wheels for enhanced stability in slippery conditions and whilst towing.

4WD Lock

Maximising traction to tackle off-road terrain such as mud, sand and wet grass and drive with confidence.

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