Mitsubishi PHEV Charging via Solar Panels

An interesting product has been announced launched by a company called Solar Carports. Designed and manufactured in the UK its purpose is to help reduce the long-term costs of powering EV and PHEV vehicles.

Solar Carports have integrated solar photovoltic charging panels into the roof of their carport designs.All electrical components, inverters and controls are integrated into the structure too.The product is designed to be suitable for home and commercial use.

The manufacturers claim that through optimal installation the power generated by a car port can offset between 10,000 and 15,000 miles of electric driving per year. Charging your Mitsubishi PHEV at home most days would be the equivalent to 10,000 to 12,000 miles worth of battery charging requirement per year so you can see how this product could be highly complementary for Outlander PHEV owners.Obviously any unused power would be fed back into the grid or home to reduce electricity bills.

No detailed power or pricing information is available at the time of writing this article but Solar Carports also notes that Government incentives via the Feed-in-Tariff scheme would be available which would further enhance the economics of this system.

We plan on monitoring this technology closely over the coming weeks and we will provide you all with an update when we’ve acquired more details and information on this exciting new technology

Here at Richard Lawson Mitsubishi we’re going to be looking into this product further for charging our own demonstrator PHEV’s on site so look out for this technology potentially coming to one of our dealerships in the future.