The Lancer EVO is Gone Forever- but will we ever see an Evolution PHEV?

Whilst brand diehards may dream of Mitsubishi developing a replacement to the iconic Lancer Evo range the reality is that Mitsubishi is now focusing its efforts on being a manufacturer of sports utility vehicles (SUV), 4x4’s, Hybrids like the PHEV and future electric vehicles.

By putting research and development in these segments Mitsubishi are focusing upon the market segments with the fastest growing sales both in the UK and worldwide. And the EVO model designation has previously been applied to a 4x4 model- the Paris-Dakar inspired Shogun Evolution of the early 2000’s.

There is however one potential route through which we could see the EVO brand back in showrooms and that’s on a Mitsubishi PHEV. Mitsubishi are investment heavily in PHEV technology and the PHEV is already a 4x4 so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Mitsubishi could bring out a performance version of a current of future model PHEV to which they may wish to attach the Evolution nameplate.

Whilst current models of PHEV and EV are typically more mainstream models that appeal to a broad audience. However as the market develops there will be demand for performance models (Tesla being a good current example) of car buyers who want a performance driving experience but with fuel efficient technology.Performance technology is part of Mitsubishi’s FF-type Plug-in Hybrid EV System and featured in the Concept XR-PHEV.

Given that Mitsubishi already have performance hybrid/ EV technology in development it’s definitely coming to a future model.When it arrives and whether or not its accompanied by an EVO designation is something on which we can only speculate. However given the iconic nature of the EVO brand we expect Mitsubishi would only use it in association with a model that genuinely reflects the essence of EVO.