Mitsubishi ahead in the PHEV Pack

Mitsubishi have proved once again they are ahead of the pack when it comes to hybrid electric vehicles. A recent report has indicted as many as 100 new PHEV models will be introduced into the market in the next four years. Mitsubishi are already ahead of that trend with the huge success of the Outlander PHEV.
The Frost & Sullivan report indicated that a number of factors including better batteries will facilitate huge growth in this market sector with it expected to globally grow to between 2.9 and 4.8 million vehicles per annum by 2025.
This combined with the recent announcement from the UK government that pure petrol/ diesel engine vehicles will be banned from sale from 2040 will further push development by manufacturers.
The Outlander PHEV is already a market leader due to it being one of the only vehicles that is capable of meeting the stringent emissions requirements being put into place by governments globally.
With pure Electric Vehicles still having range issues associated with range and the general public continuing to have issues such as range anxiety over pure EV drivetrains, PHEV’s would appear to be the market sector that is currently primed for the greatest growth.
For Mitsubishi dealers like Richard Lawson Mitsubishi this expected growth in the PHEV market is very exciting. Whilst new product launches are expected, Mitsubishi has already been represented in the PHEV market for over three years and therefore now a well-established and trusted brand. For people looking to own a PHEV now, the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is a leading choice for both company and private owners.
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