We use Storm with Zoono!

Here at Richard Lawson Autoecosse, we place upmost importance on the sanitising of all of our vehicles. This is why we use the Storm with Zoono.

What is Storm?

The 'Storm is the equipment that we use to distribute our Zoono Z-71 disinfectant. The 'Storm' ensures to creates the "Perfect Liquid Layer" of disinfectant by guaranteeing that the droplets of disinfectant merge together on a surface. This produces a layer of disinfectant with NO GAPS!

It is important to create a "Perfect Liquid Layer" on surfaces, to ensure that there are no gaps between the droplet of disinfectant. Gaps result in the surface not being fully covered by disinfectant, leaving the surface at risk of inhabiting viruses between the droplets.

The 'Storm' is fully mobile. This provides us with the benefit of sanitising any area, no matter the size or distance from the dealership. Due to the 'Storm' being mobile, we are given absolute virus control and freedom to sanitise on the go.

What is Zoono?

Zoono is the disinfectant that we use with the Storm equipment. The Zoono product that we use, 'Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield Surface Sanitiser', disinfects by providing a protective barrier that kills germs and does not allow germs to grow. The protective barrier that is formed on the surfaces, after dry, lasts for up to 30 days!

The technology used, provides the anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-algal protection of a broad-spectrum antimicrobial sanitiser that continuously kills up to a month on hard surfaces and 24 hours on human skin. Since Zoono does not kill by chemical poising, does not emit gas, leach, defuse, migrate, evaporate away or otherwise leave the surface, to which its been applied, enabling it to continue to protect surfaces long after it is applies. It is unlike traditional sanitisers and disinfectants that are limited in effectiveness because they only work when wet.

Zoono Z-71 is proven to kill 99.99% of germs immediately, including COVID-19 and over 160 other human pathogens and viruses.

Nothing works better or longer than Zoono, with the data to back it up, so that is why we trust in it and so should you.

If you have any questions regarding our sanitation equipment or sanitation process, please do not hesitate to contact Anna today on: 01382 477992 OR anna.gordon@autoecosse.com.